Monday, 22 June 2020


We hit Solstice this weekend.  Which means Summer is here (and Winter is here for my Southern friends...) and my soul cries a little for the shortening of the days.

Yes, yes, yes, I've been noticing the long evenings.  The light in the sky at 9:30.. 10-something.  I love it.  I really do.

I used to half think that if I moved, I'd get days like this all year, but I realize when I think logically about that... well, no.  I suppose I could Summer in the high North and Winter on the other pole and try to push my long days as long as possible, and no, I've never been in those high North places where the sun stays up up up and people talk about the midnight sun.  I've never been anywhere but here, really, and I do realize that for many I am "up North" so there's that.  But I love my long days.

I still have memories of being a kid and going to bed because it was bedtime and seeing light peeking through the blinds and feeling cheated.  But hey, my parents weren't about to let little kid me stay up as late as the Summer sun does. 

But anyway.  Summer is here.  And I realized at some point this week that I will need to get that into my head pretty quick here. 

Yes, we had a cooler Spring and I was totally ok with that, but I have to start thinking again about sunscreen and hats and sunglasses and cooler clothes and heat.  We had some muggy days this week and ugh I do not like muggy.  But I more mean the hot days.  The days of pulling my blinds down during the day to keep the sun out.  The days of getting fans going and having to get used to that droning noise.  The days of sleeping under a single sheet and still feeling too hot.

Those days are coming and I hope for a decent summer, I really do.  I hope for clean air all summer and no fires, please no fires.  My idea, however, of a "decent summer" probably doesn't jibe with what others might want, so I suppose I'll say out loud I hope we have a kind of cooler, blah summer.  In part, so folks won't.... want to congregate as much.  Won't feel they're missing out on their usual Summer parties and events, I don't know. 

I still hear from that little part inside of me that says this isn't happening.... this is some kind of long dream I must be about to wake up from except not a dream just... not... real?

Why?  Why all this? 


Summer's here.  Always brings me mixed feelings. 

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