Tuesday, 23 June 2020

What? Where?

I had one of those weeks last week where I lost track of what day it was.  It was a busy week and that's the excuse I'm going with, but I was convinced it was Friday for a good few days and then certain it was Saturday and I distinctly remember waking up on Sunday morning all grumpy that it was Monday and then slowly realizing that no... it was still just Sunday so I could be grumpy the next morning.  So, yeah.

I also keep realizing how people curious I am.  You might say nosy but I'll go with curious.

Like, on that Sunday morning, I was woken up by one of my neighbours starting their car and going somewhere.  And as I half slept, realizing neighbour wasn't going to work, I wondered where they were going.  If it was the neighbour I thought it was, he drives a lot in gym type clothes... even during pandemic.  Is he going to a gym?  They were all closed for a while so where was he going?  I totally am curious. 

I have another neighbour who likes to bike, and I want to ask him how he stores all his bikes in his place because I've seen his bikes and they're not being kept in the bike locker. 

And then there's another who comes home "late" each night (10:30 or 11:00) and I keep wanting to ask her where she is and what she's doing and why she's so time consistent!  I just... want to know things, for no particular reason other than I'm curious.

And I don't really want a long conversation, I just want the info.  But I really don't want to disturb anyone or weird anyone out so I don't ask.  Not only that but I'm staying away from folks extra with the virus around...

But yeah, so many thing I want to know about people.  Like, so many!


Jason Langlois said...

I've had the same curiosity, but maybe for different reasons.

"Why do you think 3AM is the right time to argue on your patio above me, while smoking the worst weed?"

"Who thought leaving a couch in front of our garbage bin in the parking lot was smart?"

"Why are you parked in the no parking part of the street in front of my building, reading your phone?"

Victoria said...

OOOOH I have answers on their behalves...

"because that's when the bad weed kicks in best because you're so tired you don't need weed to lose your mind"

"it's garbage, man!"

"wasn't parked, was stopped and waiting for someone"