Friday, 24 July 2020


There is a massive difference in my apartment somewhere around 6/6:30 pm when the sun goes behind the building next to mine.  It is an instantaneous change and I suddenly feel like I can breathe again.

It also means I can pull my blinds up again and hopefully let whatever breeze/air in.  (I pull the blinds down on the windows that open for a few hours when the sun's at its most brutal)

Interestingly, it doesn't do much to the ambient air temperature.  As in, my thermometers don't change when the sun gets "hidden" but everything feels better to me.  For sure.

It's also funny because I wanted to say "the difference is night and day" but that's not really applying right now as my apartment is kind of the same temperature all dang day right now.

I debate going outside, from time to time and sometimes I do.  I've even gone over to Jason's backyard.  But then it's still nasty coming home to a hot, stuffy apartment.  I legit can't figure out if going outside to get cool air helps or makes things worse.

I think it helps in terms of headaches and such, but not in terms of .... I dunno.  Comfort in my place?

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