Saturday, 25 July 2020


I am not doing super great right now.

I know that may not seem post worthy, all things considered these days but I feel like I was doing better a month or so ago than I am right now.

I am actually hopeful that it's because of a prescription change.  There's something I've been taking for decades (I'll probably write a post about it) that got discontinued and the pharmacy swapped something out and said it was "identical" but I'm pretty sure my body doesn't think so.  So I'm hopeful that if I switch out again I might feel better?  I mean, there's a chance, right?

But my anxiety is extra high these days.  Which... again, has been for months now but this feels more ... not good.

Like I had a phone consult with my doctor about this situation and I was anxious as heck for that.  Now I have to go and pick up the new prescription and I'm anxious as all get out for that.  Like I really am.  Even though I've picked up there before, nothing feels ok right now.  NOTHING.

I have an in person type appointment in a couple of days and I'm terrified.  I feel like I can't win.  And certainly the heat doesn't help and the poor sleep due to said heat doesn't help and man oh man I just... yeah, struggling.

Anxiety sucks.  Really really a lot.  I hate it. 


Jason Langlois said...

Ugh, it's very possible the shift in meds is behind it but its brutal you're going through this.

I'm going to be hopeful something adjusts for the better.

Victoria said...

Samesies. Thanks.