Monday, 28 September 2020

Not Summer

 Ok, I pulled out the big guns yesterday.

As in, I put my main comforter on my bed.

It feels a little like Summer transitioned to Fall pretty quick this month, but then again, we had, what, two weeks of oppressive smoke-fog?  So who knows how warm it might have been without that, really...

For a couple of weeks, I've been throwing my "winter housecoat" over my quilt for a bit of extra warmth but I thought maybe last night I'd go ahead and try the big guy instead, knowing if I got too warm I could always throw it off and go back to the housecoat.

I woke up with all blankets still fully pulled up so I'm guessing the temperature was just fine.  I know some Summers I've kept the big guy on and just kept it rolled down and maybe even pulled it up in the chill of early early morning.  But this year I decided to change things up and I put the main comforter aside and just used a thin quilt that had been given to me a few years ago.  Some nights this Summer I'd sleep with just a sheet (I still can't seem to sleep without some sort of cover no matter the heat!) but the quilt did the job most nights, with the exception of a few cold nights when I'd throw on the housecoat as an extra layer.  Often throwing IT off in the middle of the night.  (Go figure.)  

I could probably go a few more weeks with quilt and housecoat but I think I'll put on the comforter and just call it Fall.

I have this funny relationship with Summer in that I'm always a little sad when it's over.  No more weeks of being outside with no rain.  No more... not even considering taking an umbrella.  But when I'm IN Summer, I'm often a little more miserable than I remember once Fall hits.  The heat does get to me.  I didn't do much this Summer, for a number of reasons - heat and sun being part of that.  So it's this kind of ironic sadness.

So, yeah.  Comforter on.  Probably for a while now.  Hope you had a good Summer.  (Unless you're in the Southern hemisphere in which case I hope your Winter was good!)

(Edited to add:  I wrote this and then looked at the forecast for the week... not hot, but warm.  But I'm still guessing it's the kind of warm that isn't...well, 23 in October is not 23 in July, you know?)


Jason Langlois said...

I like summer in theory, but not in practice. And I like fall in practice, but not in theory.

Victoria said...

Ok, well I may have accidentally given us a warm week by putting my blanket on so... you're, uh... welcome?