Saturday, 17 April 2021

Dear Me

Dear Myself,

I would not recommend that you ever do again what you are doing right now.  Which is reading a book series while also watching the tv series based off of the book series.  

It's not working for you!



See... initially I heard about this series "The Expanse" (sci-fi) and I tried watching it but I wasn't interested for whatever reason at the time.  And then years later I decided to give the book(s) a try and I really enjoyed the first.  It was a big (as in lots of pages) but fast read, if that makes sense and I treated myself to the second book for Christmas.  And then there was a whole kerfuffle of excitement when I found out the library had the series and I got the third out and yay! (Except honestly I maybe should have taken a break between 2 and 3 but that's not important right now.)

And then Amazon INSISTED on giving me a free month's trial of Amazon Prime video service and I saw that they hosted the show and so I started watching the series again.  And I enjoyed it more this time, so I kept watching.

So as I was reading (slowly this time... what, I'm sleepy!) the third BOOK, I was making my way through the first season... so no problem, I already knew the story line right?  But then in the tv season two they sort of jumped ahead or something and invented new characters that were half of another character but also not and then they took a storyline from an entire other character who showed up much later but it was ok because I was still ahead in my reading and I powered through that tv season and then I moved on to the same season as book and that's when things got messy.

Because my brain, reading in bed at night, started to confuse the tv series timeline with the book timeline and the pace was not the same and of course they've got more detail in the books but it just got really confusing.  But I don't plan on paying for Amazon so I'm trying to get as much of the series watched as I can which means I'm now ahead of the book I'm reading plot/story wise and it's hurting my brain you guys!!!

So, I'm reminding myself that this isn't something I should do again.  Like, read the books and then watch the series... that's fine.  But the concurrent read-watch?  Yeah, that's messing with my brain man!  

(I'd put the book down, but I have to get it back to the library, and I'd stop watching the series but I only have the one month free trial so I kind of oopsed myself here, you know?)

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