Monday, 19 April 2021

A (Not That Important) Followup

Turns out I just couldn't get through that book that I mentioned fast enough.  Not sure exactly why, but I do think that trying to watch the show version at the same time messed with my enjoyment of the book.

And I wasn't able to renew it... AND the library had my next book ready for me so I actually gave up and didn't bother trying to finish it.  Not something I do very often if ever.  But I suppose I feel like having watched that story line progress on the tv version, I knew where it was going anyway, even if without so much detail.  Know what I mean?

I may re-order the book to try to finish it, but I do think a break is in order.

The current book I have has also been turned into a tv show (Lovecraft Country) but I haven't seen that show yet so there won't be that same feeling of confusion and interference. (I don't have the streaming service that it's on and I'm not too worried about it)

So I did try to renew the Expanse 3 book for a second time but wasn't able to and so that combined with the new book being in, well, I took it back, a couple of days early too.  I wasn't going to finish so... yeah.  New book here I come, no promises on my attention span though, sorry!


Jason Langlois said...

Luckily, there's no shortage of books to read!

Victoria said...

SO MANY!!! ;)