Thursday, 22 April 2021

I Come By It Naturally

I've noticed that this year I keep getting my age wrong.  And the extra weird part about it is that I keep getting my age wrong by a year forward.  I'm aging myself?

I blame Covid and the loss of 2020 and a general sense of time being weird and normal things not mattering, but it was my Mom's birthday the other day and I mentioned to her that I keep getting my age wrong (I legit have to pause if anyone asks how old I am) and she said she does the same thing.  "I keep thinking I'm next year's age!"  OH, ME TOO!

So I'm my mother's daughter it seems.  And she's also said this is her last birthday so she's going to technically just keep being this age. (She hits a -0 milestone next birthday)  Ok Mom!

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