Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Maybe You Already Knew This!

Recently I learned that there is what I like to call "extra fancy butter"!

The term that's used on the package is "grass fed" but "extra fancy" is way more fun to say in my view!

I heard about it on a documentary I watched about (long story short) healthy fats and I mentioned it to Jason (who is the foodie in my life) and he said "oh, yeah, it's really good it's just really expensive"

So I decided a couple of weeks ago to splurge.  And yes, this stuff is much more expensive than regular butter but I also noticed a few things.

One, I feel less guilty about it (because I can tell myself that the cows are happier... ahem)

Two, it cooks differently!  Which is neat to notice!

Like I'll often have a fried egg (don't know what else to call it)  So I put some butter in a small pan, put down the egg, let it cook, flip it over, done.  

I did this with the fancy butter and y'all?  It didn't melt the same way - a totally different consistency.  And when the egg was cooked, there was still a bunch of it left in the pan so it's like the egg didn't absorb it or something?  Which meant next time I could use less!

I think it tastes better too although I'm not honestly sure I can notice a massive difference.

But three, it is spreadable out of the fridge.  Which is something apparently Canadians have noticed about "regular" butter lately... that it is not, and it used to be and it's something to do with something something not so good.

Four, it's healthier.  Like it's got more healthy things in it than "regular" butter.  I could list them all but it'd just be from a google search so, yeah, healthy stuff.  Some of that "good" stuff is the healthier fat and I'm working on more "good" fat in my diet rather than just fat fat.  

I don't use a whole lot of butter myself, and Jason does a lot of cooking for me and I don't think I can afford to supply his kitchen with extra fancy butter but I may see if it's financially viable to keep some in my fridge.

Feels a little bit "back to basics" in terms of I sort of wish I could feed myself from my own magical mini farm with super natural healthy stuff, but that's not my life right now so this is a small way to be a little more natural.  Albeit a not too cheap way.

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