Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Oh.... Well....

I feel like that long weekend (I hope you had a long weekend!?) was extraordinarily well timed for me.

I just... needed the four days off in a row, you know?  Four days of... not.

It wasn't perfect for me, I was quite grumpy and low and not in a good place for about half of it, so that wasn't.... good.

But on Sunday I had just the kind of day I needed with Jason... calm, quiet, mellow, easy, comforting and comfortable.  Plus I "vented" to him, which means I got a whole lot of things out of my system and off my chest while he patiently listened.  And I had a little cry that's probably been needing to come out for a while now.  Which meant my Monday was a really nice feeling day.  Which I so so needed, you know?

Weather's been nice.  Chilly, especially at night (still haven't eliminated "Winter blankets" yet... go figure), but lovely.  Spring like.   (My radiator is low, but not off yet.)

The light in the evenings still throws me off time wise but that just is what it is.

I write this Monday evening and the stressors of the week have snuck up on me and I feel anxious, but I had a good day, and a good Sunday and I'm grateful for that.

I hope you had a good weekend too, or at least a decent one. 


Jason Langlois said...

It was a well needed break. And yeah, what's up with these chilly nights? It feels colder than it did over the winter!

Victoria said...

Well I have turned my radiator down some and I don't always have my extra extra blanket on at night so it must have warmed up at least a bit?