Thursday, 15 April 2021


So this is one of those posts where I'm totally overthinking something like when I try to think about the process of reading... or how my fingers are moving around a keyboard to make words and then my brain breaks because WHAT?

I've noticed for a while now... like not all the time but sometimes... that my speech has changed.

Not the words I say but like my pattern of speech?  My word making?  Any SLPs in the house who can give me the term?

Like I sort of have got almost a lisp now with some words?  I am SURE I am saying them differently than I used to.  Like my jaw/mouth/tongue are moving in different ways and IT IS WEIRD!

When I stop to think about it I figure it has something to do with aging but also probably something to do with my breathing and maybe like as I "got" allergies and that did things to my nose/breathing for real it meant I have adjusted how I physically speak to allow for the breathing changes?

And y'all I am interested in this enough to be like "I should study this!" because maybe it's a thing? And then I start to wonder about all this mask wearing and I KNOW it's affecting my jaw muscles so is it also changing my speech?  I WANT TO KNOW.

But like I get that this isn't something that's necessary to think about, but I've noticed it (my "s"es sound... different, have for a few years now I noticed) and it's like... why?  Why exactly?

Speech, y'all.  It's weird if you think about it too much.  (I mean most things are, but yeah)

My mouth shapes are different.  I swear.

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