Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Until It's Obvious

I like crows.  But I love ravens.

I think ravens are super extra cool and I usually hear them more than I see them, or at least I think so.

The other day my local crows (you know the ones you assume live in your general neighbourhood) were upset and I peered out my window to see what they were yelling at and that's when I remembered the size difference between crows and ravens.  Because in the middle of that "yelling" group of crows there flew a seemingly unconcerned raven and he/she was SO much bigger than the crows.

It's like I forget the size difference when I see them by themselves, but seeing them that close together, especially in flight really drives it home.

I'm sure I'll forget the next time I see a solo raven out and about but yeah, that was a neat reminder.  Thanks Nature!

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