Friday, 7 October 2011


I've noticed a few things living at my parents' place.

Like, I don't think I could live in a carpeted place.

My apartment is hardwood and other than at my front door, I don't have rugs or carpets. My parents have both. I know people say my floor is cold (literally, not in a design way) but I've noticed that the carpet here seems to kick up a lot of "dust" or fluff or something and that's irritating me. A little bit because of said dust settling on things, but more in a "I actually don't do well with dust" kind of way. I think I'm maybe a little bit allergic. Plus, I think the rugs may be wool and I do have a bad reaction to wool. (So don't bother buying me that expensive wool sweater thanks.)

And I don't like the noise of TV.

I watch a lot of TV at home, I'll absolutely admit to that. But I don't watch it on a television, I watch it on my computer. Maybe that's not good for my eyes, but it works for me. Hearing TV, even in the other room, on a big television seems so loud. Like, there's so *much* of it. And my parents do have PVR so we fast forward through the ads, but still.... TV be noisy.

And I also really like my couch.

I have one particular couch at home ( storage) that I do most of my lounging on. It's actually probably properly called a chaise longue or something because it has no back. It has one "end" and that's it. So it means when I'm lying there, both my elbows have space. I didn't discover my love for this couch until I came here and lay on their couch, trying to type on my laptop and realized that having a back means no extra elbow room. Plus my legs hang off the end. My couch has just gained extra awesome points I didn't even know it deserved. Well done couch.

My place is dark.

I mean, it's not dark dark, but I guess my parents' house has a lot of light. And I like that. Especially in the mornings.

I kind of wish my place had a bigger bedroom window for these starting to be darker mornings.

I'm sure I'll notice more things as my stay here goes on, but for now, that's what I've noticed about living here instead of there.


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