Monday, 14 November 2011

Oh, Ok Then

If you remember, there was a nice guy who'd messaged me on the dating site and we'd been chatting back and forth for a while.

I knew it most likely wasn't going to go anywhere, but I was enjoying getting messages from him and having a conversation with a nice, good looking guy, even if he lived hours and hours away.

It still struck me as funny, though, when he messaged me this weekend to let me know that although he was enjoying our conversation, he was "looking for someone closer to home" and was going to be "leaving the site very soon." Which he did, later that day.

I wanted to laugh and point out to him that *he* had been the one to contact me, me who lives hours and hours (and a ferry ride) away. It seemed odd, but I guess maybe he just wanted to talk to someone nice for a while too.

This whole online dating thing is weird. It just is.

I wonder how our children's children will meet their future boyfriends?


Single and Picky said...

I know my future children or children's children will never date... now that I got all that future parental venting out.

I don't know - hopefully in normal ways that don't involve dating sites and all the foolishness that semi-anonymous courting has permitted.

Miz Aventures said...

I had an exciting day today online as well...changed my headline to "waiting for a man to knock my socks off" and 5 minutes later, I got a full on picture of some dude's junk.

Allan R E said...

One of the more popular dating sites states that 1 out of 5 relationships starts online...that means that 80% still start some other way and I think that other way is still an organic "right place at the right time" sort of thing.

Marketing is a funny thing. If these sites were "sold" the other way, they would really be saying you only have about a 20% chance of meeting someone online...

Don't overlook the casual conversations you have with guys at the grocery store, running clubs, etc, etc

Just my 2% odf a dollar...


e said...

That's funny Victoria...I messaged a guy on the online dating site I joined (which I am no longer part of) who lives 3 hours away, because I thought, "well this is harmless, we're never going to meet anyway"....I honestly just thought it would be fun to get to know someone new, no strings attached, at all.

So maybe that's what happened in this case? It's too bad because it still hurts a tiny bit when it doesn't work out.

But it turns out that in my case, he's willing to drive to my city to meet me, even if I'm only free for a few hours in the evening. Big twist, right? This makes me wonder if he's "super desperate" and if there's "something wrong with him" and "I'm not ready for someone this great..." ....sigh.... the trials and tribulations of being a girl.

<3 e

Victoria said...

Good you got your F.P.Venting out SnP ;)

Oh, Miz that totally cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh, but sorry you had to witness that! lol

If I had those casual conversations Allan, I wouldn't overlook them! ;)

Or maybe he thinks you're particularly awesome e! But yes, trials and tribulations indeed :)

Jonathan said...

Back when I was single, I travelled longer than 3 hours on many occasions.

When I started going out with Wendy I lived about 2 hours (by train and bus) from her. We met online.

We made it work.

Victoria said...


If it's meant to be and good? People will totally make it work. I'm glad you did :D