Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Where'd He Go?

Summer's Day by foundimagination
For whatever reason, I found myself thinking about the nice guy I hung out with in my series of "post-Chad" dates.

I'd forgotten about him (which is good to try to remember in the moment of feeling upset....eventually, you'll forget about the guy you're upset about) but whatever it was brought him back to mind.

I remember when we hung out and he mentioned how much he missed his family back East. I asked him where he thought he'd find himself in five years, here in town or back East where he grew up and still has family and friends. And he said he didn't know.

I remember thinking at the time that this was probably an indication that he would end up back there and I remember telling myself to be aware of that if things ever got serious.

When he kind of disappeared it was partly, in his words, because he was out of town... back East.

I'm not really sure of the point of this post, other than there's part of me that wants to say "I told you so." Like... I knew he wasn't someone who wanted to stop and settle and make a life here.

Or maybe it's just to say that he was a nice guy and I enjoyed his company and I wished we'd kept hanging out.

Or maybe it's to say that it's weird when you think back and nothing went wrong, or nothing was uncomfortable and you both wanted to hang out again but things didn't go that way. And maybe it's to say that it's weird not knowing what someone else is thinking.

I think maybe there are a whole bunch of online dating site posts running through my head. I think you might just get a whole week's worth.

Which, I suppose, is better than the weeks where I've got nothing much at all to say.

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