Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Awwww Man

I've just realized, I'm running out of months to get married.

At some point in the last decade or so, I decided it would be really cool to get married on one of the "all the same number" days.

Like to get married on the first of January 2001 so my wedding day would be 01/01/01. And I figured I had a bunch of time to get married, but I've just realized that I've run out of years that work.

December 12th of this year would be my last chance to get married on a matching day and I think it might be rushing it to meet someone, get engaged and married all in the span of nine months. (Heh.... unless it was a shotgun wedding I guess.)

Maybe I'll have to aim for January 15th 2015 or April 4 2014 or something instead.

Too bad about 12/12/12 though, that's a bummer.

(Happy fourth of the fourth, by the way.)


Dominic said...

Marry me! We can schedule the divorce for right after the honeymoon. Problem solved! :)

Anonymous said...

Well I consider 12/12 good luck since its my birthday!


Just a Girl said...

You're silly. But it's true. We all have these little fantasies that in the end don't really pan out the way we thought they would when we were younger. Sometimes it's sort of a punch in the face. But you never know what else life has planned for you so I try and stay positive :)

Victoria said...

And I already have a UK citizenship so we wouldn't have to deal with red tape Dominic! ;)

Oooh you'll have an extra lucky one this year Brandi!

I am silly CC! :D