Tuesday, 11 September 2012


The Sky Was Fantastic by foundimagination
It's maybe because I wake up, set my alarm forward an hour and go back to sleep, but my morning dreams are usually pretty vivid, and I tend to remember them. (Possibly because I'm waking up during them.)

Of course, now that I'm sitting down to write about them I can't remember a particular story or scenario, but still, they're generally realistic enough that I wake up wondering what the dream was trying to tell me.

I do remember one where I was sitting in a really old school gym (with the wood panel walls?) and my co-workers were there too, but they were all pregnant, except for me of course. (OK, maybe it was just the female co-workers, duh) And I woke up and realized that, yes, of the gals I work with who are of child-bearing age, all of them are either pregnant or just had a baby or starting to try for a baby, except for me, and so my brain just made them all pregnant and stuck me in the middle of them.

It's frustrating sometimes to wake up from these dreams because often they come when I'm a bit stressed out with things in real life and so the dream's vaguely happy and then I wake up and remember about the not-so happy reality and it's kind of deflating.

But, oh well, what can you do?

The brain will do what the brain needs/wants to do I guess.

(Oh, wait, I just remembered. The one from last morning included something about being at a restaurant and the waitress came out and said such and such a dish had made her ill and then a few other servers were getting sick too and I think that maybe after they got the food poisoning it temporarily turned them into something really bad and so we had to isolate them and then it was like not quite zombie but sort of apocalyptic and then there was a rainbow in a pink sky and maybe lightning?)


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