Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fault Lines

Crossing Paths by foundimagination
There have been a couple of fairly large earthquakes around about these parts this last week.

We've been lucky in that there does not appear to be any injuries or damage due to where they were located.  But it's always a sobering reminder that here, we do live in an earthquake zone and are due for a frighteningly large and devastating earthquake at some point.  (A thought I do my best not to dwell on, beyond being prepared.)

This weekend, when the earthquake happened, I may or may not have felt it. 

I say this because the building I live in is an old wooden framed building and large trucks driving past rattle it.

I've certainly felt small earthquakes here, but I've also felt the building shake for other reasons, non-earthquake ones.  I mean, if the guy upstairs stomps around too heavily, things can feel a little bit shaky.

So I'm not sure I felt this weekend's 7.7, but I did trip over my own feet around the time it happened, so maybe I was clumsy as usual, or maybe there was a bit of a bigger shake than usual.


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