Friday, 1 March 2013


Just like that it's March.

And the time change is coming SO soon.

And Spring is right around the corner, even though we've kind of had it here for a while (and never really got a winter after all.)

It's one thing I notice doing Project 365, time just passes, no matter what you do. Even, I suppose, no matter how difficult the time is, or how long the days feel, it happens anyway.

And we're already into the third month of this year that I swear just started yesterday.

(And if I weren't purposely not mentioning it, I'd point out that it's been a long three months since I first started talking to Jay, and that three months ago I was so utterly nervous to meet him, and now that it's...closer... I'm just excited. Not without some nervousness certainly, but more excited than anything.)

(At least today)

(Good thing I'm not mentioning it though.)

Happy March y'all.

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