Saturday, 2 March 2013


Again by foundimagination
I want to hear what you've done for yourself lately.  What little, or big thing have you done to be good to yourself?

Like those flowers.  I bought those for me.

Because they're pretty and I like looking at them and because I can.

(And then I also have something pretty to take a photo of too so it's a double, no, triple bonus, really.)

So what about it?  What have you done for you lately?

(Whoops, now I'm singing Janet Jackson.)


Dominic said...

I spent the money I was given for my birthday on having fun instead of keeping it for something sensible.

Which is unusual, for me.

RandomStranger said...

I bought cigarettes to please myself.
(Oh wait, that's probably NOT a good thing)

Single Girl World said...

I made a cake.... just for myself! I'm not sharing! x

Victoria said...

Good for you Dominic! :D *high five*

Wellll, ;)

Sounds yummy SGW! :D