Thursday, 28 March 2013

Deep Breath

Seul by foundimagination

(Look, I managed not to just say "ok"!)

So as Jay was making his way back to Canada, we chatted at this airport and that.  It was cool to think of him making his way home, finally, after all this time, and still odd to try to wrap my brain around the fact that he was going to be here... like... now.

I think I got a little crazy asking him when when WHEN he would be in town.  He wasn't flying directly to Victoria, but needed to stop in Vancouver first to collect his things.  (He finished his last tenancy as he was leaving for his months away and hasn't yet started a new one, so he kept his car and things at a friend's.)  I wanted to know WHEN we would meet, and he wasn't exactly sure when, as he really felt he needed some time to get over the massive number of hours he would be spending flying and travelling and in and around airports over the day and a half it would take him to get here.

And you guys?  I try to be understanding, I SO do.  But I was so nervous to meet him, kept telling myself that no, there wasn't a rush, but yes there was a rush.  Because if things weren't going to work, I kind of wanted to know sooner rather than later.  And, well, if things were going to work, I kind of wanted to figure out if we enjoyed snuggling on my couch sooner rather than later. 

I really wanted him to just come to Victoria already.  He said he'd make that call once he arrived in Vancouver and so I let it go and sat there, trying to keep myself occupied until he arrived.

But when he did, I felt even crazier.

I mean, when he was still in the air it didn't matter.  But as soon as I knew he was on home turf?  Close enough that we could actually, physically meet if we wanted to?  I WANTED IT TO HAPPEN!  LIKE RIGHT NOW!

But, again, I wanted him to have space and time to, you know, sleep, rest, and not feel that horrible way you do after long flights.

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