Monday, 8 April 2013

April, Come She Will

Flowering Cabbage by foundimagination
And so that's how the first days with Jay went, the most intense times and the aftermath of it all.

I really wanted to get those first moments written down so I could always have them, and so I could remember how I was feeling, for better or worse and all the rest.

I like telling the story, have told it a few times to friends who've wanted to hear if I've actually met Jay yet, and when I say yes, they, of course, want to hear how it went.

It went really well.  So much better than I think I would have predicted, and Jay and I had a really great week together, with tons of laughs and great times and now he's off at far side of the country to be with his family and I think I'm missing him terribly.

Funny how that works, eh?  We spent months not in the same space at all, and then we finally get to meet, and he has to leave and it's hard being apart.

I suppose that's ironic...ish?

I feel like there's lots I want to talk about but it feels maybe private, or I don't know how to address it yet or talk about it, but that will come as I settle into having him back.  Er... when he is back (again!) and I suppose, figure out how we fit into each others lives and routines.

I don't know, I still feel like I'm babbling a bit here.  Maybe my brain needs a Jay break or something.

So, hey, it's totally Spring, eh?


Unknown said...

I know this feeling well.

You're adorable.

Elliott said...

Glad it went so well when you finally met. I'm so happy for you! I hope it continues to go well for you.

And umm...spring? What is that you speak of? It snowed on Friday. A friend from the golf course - he works here in our golf season and lives on your island for the rest of the year - he is ready to back there until spring finds it way to Ontario.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story. I'm looking forward to hearing how your relationship continues when you are both in the same city. I'm so glad it's all working out.


Victoria said...

Awww shucks Alax! *blush* ;)

Thanks Elliott. And I'm sorry Spring hasn't made its way to you guys yet, we just kind of never had a Winter at all this year, maybe you got ours as well? :/

Thanks Michelle :)