Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Triple T*

A Gift by foundimagination
So did I ever tell you the tulip trick?

Which reminds me, I haven't had flowers for a few days, and when C-Dawg got me some tulips for Valentine's Day I just kept getting new bunches and I really liked seeing them so I should go get some more shouldn't I?  Especially now since they're abundant and not terribly expensive, and what's that?  I distracted myself?  Oh.  Sorry about that... where was I?

So, the tulip trick.

You know how tulips tend to go all fall over bendy because their heads are too heavy for their stems and for some reason that makes me think of puppies who tip forwards into their eating bowl and uh oh, I'm starting to distract myself again, aren't I but, seriously, how cute is this?



Bendy over no good?  Fix!

If you take a needle (or I just unbend a paper clip) and poke a hole through the stem just under the head, magic happens and they stay upright!  TA DA!

(According to the interwebs it has to do with allowing "air to escape and water to flow through" but I just prefer to call it magic)

*The Tulip Trick!

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