Saturday, 25 May 2013

Did You Not See The Glint In My Eyes?

Jay had a craving for ice cream the other day, so we walked down to the grocery store.

When we got there, he hemmed and hawed between ice cream sandwiches (which I tried to point out to him were not "ice cream") and then ice cream flavours (we did not have a consensus) and then he saw frozen chocolate chip cookie dough.

This?  he asked.  And my eyes got as big as a saucer.

I told him that that wasn't ice cream and that if he wanted ice cream he should get ice cream but he decided he wanted cookies more, and that we could use the remaining frozen yogurt to make the cookies into ice cream sandwiches.

It seemed like a plan.

Jay, however, does not understand how the container is nearly empty when we've only made two batches of cookies.

So I had to tell him that I ate some cookies that hadn't technically been made yet.

How many?

I don't exactly know.

Jay still does not understand how there is so little dough left.

I'm assuming some of you will.

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