Thursday, 18 July 2013


Comments is being weird.

I just don't know how, why or when.


Anonymous said...

Hey Victoria,

Well I can definitely relate. I reconnected with my ex over a month ago. It is weird because no matter the time apart our bond was the same. We have been seeing each other very slowly and allowing things to evolve naturally. At times it can be very overwhelming with emotions but what I've learned is to enjoy my life and take things one day at a time (especially since I like to predict the future). I'm very proud of how you put yourself out there and to maintain a positive attitude. I know what heartache feels like and how relieving it is once it begins to dwindle. I wish you the best. Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts.

Victoria said...

Man oh man, am I ever a future predictor! (Or at least I believe I am.... so not good)

And, yes, a great thing to be working on, that whole one day at a time thing. Good for you, and I hope things work out for the best for you.