Saturday, 31 August 2013

I Know It's Not Just Me

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I have been like this always, and my Mom used to tell me that the reason we never had a dog was because of it, but for me?  Bug bites itch.

Like, forever.

As I'm writing this (a week and a half ago, if we're honest) I've got a welt of a bug bite on my knee.

And it's COMPLETELY itchy.

And it's been there for at least a week.

I've put lotion on it, and yes, I've scratched it, but you'd think after a day the thing would stop?  But no, not me.  Bitey bugs seem to love me, and I seem to really dislike them.

My Mom claims that the worst I ever had it was when I stayed at a friend's house overnight and they had a monkey.  (That part's true.  They had a trampoline too.  At the time, both were equally exotic.  I remember spending a lot more time on the trampoline than with the monkey.  I seem to remember it being in a cage and being intimidating.  And loud.)  Anyway, they had a monkey, and apparently I came home covered in flea bites.

And, of course, they were massive, massively itchy welts for ages.

So, no pets for us.

Mosquitos will do it too, and no-se'ems, and whatever else it is that finds me so juicy.

But, yeah.  Knee is still mega itchy, and me no likey.  And I know I'm not the only one that deals with this!

(Oh and one more thing.  If you get a new bite a couple of days before you go see your massage therapist and he says it's such a doozie he thinks it's a spider bite not a mosquito bite?  Whatever you do, don't google spider bites.  Just promise me, ok?)
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