Friday, 23 August 2013

Well, Alrighty Then

Not Even by foundimagination
So we're leaving today.

For, you know.

That place.  Thing.

And um, yeah.  (Scared.)


We're leaving today and will take a ferry and cross an international border and then drive and drive and then stay somewhere and then wake up Saturday and drive and drive and hey, are there borders between States?  And we'll buy water and food and stay somewhere Saturday night and then Sunday we'll drive and drive and apparently you can't pump your own gas in Oregon?  And I wonder when it'll start getting more than just warm?  And then we'll get there.

And stuff.  And things.

I've got some posts up, comments closed, just to keep things simple.

So everything from here on out, for a while, was written before today.  If that makes sense.  Like, yeah. 

Have a good couple of weeks, you guys, and send me mellow vibes.  Send me smooth, easy, comfortable, healthy, happy vibes and thoughts and everything.

See you soon.

Big hugs.
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