Saturday, 5 October 2013


I think I've been fighting the Autumn Blues this week.

The days still aren't middle-of-the-winter short, but it's dark later in the mornings and earlier at night and the weather isn't the delightful sunny sunshine anymore and it's all just work and no Burning Man and blah.

Just... blah.

I'm also really struggling with liking my body right now, which helps exactly nothing at all, but also makes me want to eat less well, which then means I feel worse which then sets off the spiral all over and, yeah.  I'm feeling grumpy and unattractive and tired.

Maybe I should bring out my SAD light.  I haven't used it in years, but maybe it couldn't hurt?

And I know I should get back to my better eating habits, at least with the amount of protein I should be taking in.

But, sigh.  Everything seems to take more effort than I have energy to put out right now.

This too shall pass though.

This I know.


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