Tuesday, 26 November 2013


This has been an odd month, and I've had odd dreams all along.

I feel like perhaps the weirdness was kicked off by Jay's accident and all the things that got torn and filtered out of and because of that.

And then online dating stuff, or not stuff.

And work things I haven't even talked about.

And weather.

And the time change darkness.

And dreams about me taking yoga classes that end up with me having to present to the group while I end up pretend making out with my childhood neighbour who randomly showed up at the yoga class and we decide once his divorce goes through we'll get married.

And one where I was on the holiday and had to speak the bible verses but really didn't want to.

And Movember, and lumps in friend's breasts and saying no and feeling guilty and how things constantly move forward, and I can't get over the idea that it's not my fault I am the age I am.

It seems quite odd to me that this month is wrapping up, and I'm nervous about getting through December emotionally unscathed.  It already feels like madness out there and I don't want that to sneak inside.

A sunny but cold month would help I think.  The brightness helps a lot in these short short days.


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