Tuesday, 5 November 2013


It was Halloween last week, (when was it.... Thursday?) and I had lots of thoughts. . . for whatever reason.

This was the first Halloween where I haven't had any treats.  No nothing.  I mean, I did have about five scotch mints because I was dying with all the candy around and just wanted something.  But I didn't have anything else.  No mini chocolate bars.  And it was really really hard.  I think mainly because they were everywhere, and I just wanted some.  It was... different.  And not easy.

It's always fun to see people in costumes.  Except when you see someone and you're not sure they're in a costume.  Like, hey, is that guy with the bow tie dressed up as Bill Nye the Science Guy or is he just wearing a bow tie to work?  Or, is that lady dressed all in white because that's what she likes to wear or is it some kind of costume and I just don't quite get it? 

It can be a little awkward when you're not quite sure.

Driving home, I saw a fellow in an electric wheelchair dressed like the pope.  (Or maybe a cardinal or something.  The purple hat guy?)  And I thought it was hilarious and suddenly it made me think of Burning Man, because I thought, man, wouldn't it be fun if people wore costumes every day that made you smile?  And my brain went "yeah, like at Burning Man."

I guess Burning Man is a little like Halloween every day for a week.  People wear fun stuff, dress up if they want, wear crazy cool makeup if they want.  And other people give away things for free.  Like candy.  Or food.  Or booze.  Or hugs.  Or whatever.  And you can party if you want, or just be mellow if you want and kids are welcome and, yeah, it's all just fun.  All day every day for a week.  Awesomeness.

I also had a chat with a co-worker of mine who said this was going to be her last year handing out candy.  "I've been handing out candy for twenty five years" she said.  And I guess I never really thought about that.

I don't hand out candy at my apartment, and when I lived with my folks, they'd do the candy buying and handing out, so it's not something I've ever done, or had to do.

Which made me start to think about my parents and Halloween.  I feel like they switched off who stayed home each year and who went out with us when we were too young to go out on our own.  But... which was the better year?  Did they want to stay home and answer the door and see the neighbourhood kids in costumes?  Or was it more fun to go out and see the neighbours and enjoy the evening?  I imagine the walking would have been tiring, and chilly.  (I seem to remember Halloween nights with frost.  Or probably at least one with rain I'd guess.)

It also reminded me of the year I was too sick to go out.  I think I had bronchitis or something, but whatever it was, I wasn't going out into the cold, and I was disappointed.  I remember whatever parent I was home with (my guess is my Mom) let me "trick or treat" in the house that day a few times.  I'd go around the side of the divider in our family room and knock on it, stepping out and saying trick or treat and my Mom would make some comment about my costume and give me candy.

I don't know if my brother had to share his candy with me that year or if my parents put some extra aside for me, but even then, I felt special that my folks had tried to still make Halloween special for me even though I wasn't well and couldn't go out.

I often wonder if parents know how much a little thing like that can mean to a kid.  Or to an adult, thinking back on it, years later.

But, yeah.  Those are some of the things I found myself thinking about last week on All Hallow's Eve.


Anonymous kandijay said...

Halloween was a washout around here. It poured all day, and my town moved trick-or-treating to the nearby mall. It made me, too, think of my childhood, where it was raining, or even snowing, many years and my parents just wouldn't let me go out. My neighbors on one side always made me a goodie bag. I probably didn't get as much candy as other kinds, but it was way better because she'd put in 3-4 full-sized candy bars in with the taffy and other stuff. She loved that my name was Candy.

Just a thought on your earlier post, as scary and daunting as it might seem, maybe you should consider an overnight trip somewhere by yourself. Just to relax and recharge.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013 9:58:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

A rainy Halloween is no fun :( But a goodie bag is! :)

Wednesday, November 06, 2013 7:40:00 am  

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