Tuesday, 10 December 2013


I feel like last year's Winter was more of an extended Fall with a couple of cold snaps thrown in.

This Fall?  I feel like we rolled into winter way early and may just stick there for a while.

We've had two cold snaps already.  Like, cold cold snaps.  Windshield wiper fluid freezing while cleaning the salt off the windshield kind of cold.

Windchill cold.

Dusting of snow cold.

And the cold sunny days have been awesome, and helpful against the fact that it's sunset when I'm on my way home from work.

That means I'm seeing the sun rise and the sun set.

And not feeling motivated to do anything other than be on my couch under my blanket.

Someone pointed out to me that it's not Winter for another couple of weeks and I kind of went... oh... right.

So, Winter, shortest day of the year, Christmas, New Years, and then the days maybe will start to feel normal again.

Oh, and the cold snap last week that also put a bunch of us out of power, making me happy that my heat is not electric.  Because brrr.

So, yeah... this has been a pretty Wintery Fall, methinks.


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