Thursday, 27 March 2014


Ivy by foundimagination
So do you remember I repotted some plants a while ago?

And how I said that typically, when I try to repot plants, they die on me?  But that some of mine were doing poorly enough anyway that I figured I'd just repot them?

Yeah, well, it's been a bit of a struggle for a few of them since.


One (maybe two?) of them we managed to put in crooked.  Like, when I look over at them, they're tippy.  I'm pretty sure I'm just going to live with the crookedness and just avoid looking at them so I don't notice.

My spider plant, which is usually impossible to hurt, lost half of its... self? so it's going to half to start regenerating or whatever it is magical spider plants do.

But one of the others is really really struggling.

You know how some houseplants are kind of bundles of plants that make up one big plant?  Like, the spider plant, some of the "legs" of it, or whatever, withered or melted or rotted or something post move so I just pulled them out.  But this bigger green one, the one who was doing REALLY badly pre-move, is still really struggling.

Let's say that it has three leg/root/branches/whatevers.  The first few days they were fine, but then they started to wilt.  I watered more, but then it seemed like that made it worse and I'd overwatered, so I moved it to have more light.

One of the three came back at that point but the other two didn't so I moved it again to a similarly shaded zone like it did ok in before.  Now I'm just waiting to see if the other two legs will perk up or if I have to yank em and just let the happy leg be all forlornly on its own.

I suppose it could be worse and all of them could be dying, but still... I was hoping that between myself and my helper, they would all have been so perfectly repotted they'd be blooming!

Although, not litereally because that would mean we'd somehow turned them into flowering plants and neither of us are THAT good with plants.


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