Wednesday, 20 August 2014


I just want to relax.

Like, I want a week off before my going away.

And then I'll probably want some days off after my going away.

So... yeah.  Can we make that happen?  Can I be independently wealthy and all that fun stuff?

I'm working pretty hard at staying calm(ish) and some moments are a whole lot better than others.

I seem to remember last year that once we got on the road it was kind of a done deal and the nerves stopped.  Maybe, hopefully, that'll happen this year too.  But, hey, if the nerves wanted to stop a few days early?  I wouldn't complain.

Still not sure that I'm going to find time to get some posts pre-written for you while I'm away so... sorry if this page goes dead for a buncha days or like a couple of weeks or... something.

I think I've just been too busy living this last month to have stopped to write extra.  That and my brain kind of broke writing wise and I still haven't quite gotten it back.

So, yeah, a break before my break would sure be nifty.

Ok then. 


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