Thursday, 18 September 2014

Oh Yeah

So the filling.

The filling I thought I lost.

Which... I guess I did, but anyway. 

My dentist was able to get me in Monday afternoon and I think I'd sort of naively hoped that I wouldn't need freezing, that they'd just pop in some filler to refill the stuff that'd fallen out.  Right?  RIGHT???

But... when I got there, the dentist said it was actually between two fillings that had collapsed and then I stopped listening because I figured it meant freezing.

I do not like the pain from the freezing needles.  Why can't they make that not hurt?  Why do I then spend another bunch of days not with a sore tooth but with a sore jaw from where the needle went in?

I asked him why it seems like I keep getting cavities and needing fillings when C-Dawg has never had any.  I thought he'd give me a speech about dental hygiene and eating sweets but he said "basically?  Life's not fair."

Which... both did and didn't make me feel better.

So, yeah, they had to make a bigger hole and put in lots of stuff and I won't say I enjoyed the process or having half my face (no exaggeration) frozen for the rest of the day.  (Until, like 7pm at which point I ate crackers because I'd been craving things that went crunch.)

Now I still have that bruised jaw feeling (the hygienist told me that's basically what it is, a bruise where the needle goes in and you can't do anything about it although I swear Advil has been helping) but at least there's no more hole in my tooth.

I didn't cry this time (I cried last time I got a filling from the pain of the freezing needles) but I did get all sweaty-fainty so that wasn't much fun.  It was also weird to be told I had had a "significant" amount of freezing and would not be able to feel all the way up to my ear... or most of my tongue, cheek, lips, face...etc.  And I only got a little panicky about choking on my own spit that I figured must be building up but I couldn't feel because..hello frozen and I got panicky because I was having a conversation in my head and started to get the giggles and figured that would be really bad but then it was hard to not keep getting the giggles so.... a lot of deep breathing.

I'm glad I don't have a fear or a phobia and that I have good dental care and reasonably averagely healthy teeth. 

They always tell me I keep my teeth very clean.  I just wish that whatever it is that's getting in there and causing the decay and stuff would go away.  Me no likey the owies, thank you very much.


Jason Langlois said...

Ah, Dentist Stories.

I very much sympathize with your plight. For whatever reason, my mouth tends not to freeze very well. The last time I had a filling replaced, they had to stick my gums 10 times before I was frozen... so yeah, I know the bruised jaw feeling very well. On the other hand, it's better than the other option.

Joy of joys, I need to have more fillings replaced next month, on both sides of my mouth. So wheeeeee. I tried to space it out so one side gets frozen, then two weeks later the other. Hopefully, that was a good plan.

And I get the giggles, too. My dental folks are always asking what's funny, because I'll start laughing (actually, I do the same thing when I have to give blood). I get funny looks when I explain that I'm laughing at myself for panicking about what's going on.

I kind of like your dentists response, too. It seems like some people just have better teeth, and some people have worse teeth. Just have to do your best to look after them, I guess.

Glad you got the filling thing dealt with quick, too. A lot of people would have just ignored that.

Elliott said...

I'm not a fan of the frozen face either. Having had allergy shots almost weekly from the time I was 3 until 21, needles don't bother me. The stiffness in the jaw from the needle is not fun.

Hope this is the last time you need freezing for many years.

Victoria said...

Ugh, sorry to hear that Jason, doesn't sound like much fun at all. But... also, glad to hear there's another giggler out there ;)

Yeah, it's totally not the needles Elliott, it's the owie! And thanks, I hope so too. *fingers crossed*