Thursday, 2 October 2014

It's Not On Purpose

I remember when I was trying to write out Jay's and my first meeting, a reader commented that they were finding it self serving of me to be breaking it up into several posts rather than just telling the story all at once already. 

It stuck with me, as most "critical" type comments do (and now hopefully you maybe better understand why I sometimes just close comments) and now I'm feeling like I have to apologize to someone who most likely doesn't even read here anymore.

But I just want to say that I'm not purposefully stretching out this year's Burning Man trip.  I'm really not.  Last year it was easy.  I came home and I just sat down and poured it all out.

This year, I came home and Jason "broke up" with me and I couldn't even make a sentence make sense, never mind talk about the trip I'd just been on and felt changed by.  Just couldn't.

I've tried to sit down and write it all out but I'll get through a day (like I did last week) and be sort of overwhelmed.  Which would be crazy if it's going to take me one week per day because I was there from Sunday to Monday and that's a lot of weeks.

But anyway, I just wanted to say I'm not doing it on purpose.  Not...stretching it out.  I'm just doing what I can when I can and I'm afraid my priority right now is to keep coping with what's going on around me and keep myself as positive as I can.

It just is what it is, is what I'm saying I guess.

Thanks for (hopefully) being ok with it all.


Elliott said...

Ummm...this is your blog. Your vehicle for doing whatever you want. Your vehicle for venting, asking for help, informing people, making jokes, posting pics, videos, private or not private...all your choice.

If the audience doesn't like your approach that's the audience issue, not yours. You don't need to apologize for what works for you. Never. Ever.

I enjoy reading your thoughts, perspectives, seeing your pics, and sometimes offering my two cents with which you can do as you please. I hope my comments make you think, laugh, ponder, or somehow impact you. If they don't? Oh well. The same should apply to people who read your blog. You don't anybody anything.

My two cents...for they're worth...

Jason Langlois said...

Definitely ok with it all. Even if you were doing it on purpose.

You just keep coping and being positive, because that is what is important. Not just to you, but I think to those of us who read your words every day.

You're worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with elliot's comments, this is your blog to do things the way it works best for you. I never think about it being "dragged out" but more like a sorting process, step by step. I really enjoy reading your thoughts/adventures/life/pictures.


kandijay said...

Agreed with all of the above statements. Sheesh. That reader probably doesn't read books until the entire series is out and binge-watches entire series on Netflix. Not wrong, per se, but definitely a "to each his own" kinda thing.

Victoria said...

*bursts into tears because it was that kind of day and you guys just made it better*

Victoria said...

Thanks E. You're right, and I have to remember that. And I always appreciate your comments :) *high five*

Thank you Jason. Crying again now.

I'm so happy to hear that brandi, because that's exactly what it is, my sorting out process!!!! :D

Fair enough Kandi... thanks :)

Kate said...

I just realised I haven't commented in ages! (I have been lurking though, in a totally non-stalkerish way).

I agree with everyone else - your blog - your rules! Go for gold!

Victoria said...

;) Thanks Kate