Tuesday, 4 November 2014


So something bit me.

Either something bit me twice or two things bit me once.

Generally, when I have two bites next to each other I assume it's fleas because I was told once that that's what they do.

But, whatever bit me, it's itching like a sunofabitch.  Argh.

I noticed it at some point this weekend and the anti-itch creams only do about half an hour's worth of relief.  And then they're bad again.

I've always been hyper reactive to itchy bites (one of the reasons my Mom said we couldn't have a dog...) but argh, these are no fun!

I came home from work yesterday and realized I hadn't noticed them all day (thank goodness) but as soon as I noticed them they were bad again.  I went to put more lotion on them and they're weirdly bad looking which often means I've scratched the bejeezus out of them in my sleep or something.

Either that or this is the last post I'll be making because I'm going to be dead from the poison.

But, yeah, I'm actually considering seeing if I have an antihistamine in the house to take to see if that helps because the creams are just not cutting it and I don't want to scratch a hole in my leg.

There, that was a fun story, yay!

Argh.  SO ITCHY!


Elliott said...

Might be ant bites. They itch like crazy...especially the red ants. Hate them.

Hope it gets better quickly.

Victoria said...

I do too because ARGH!!!! STAHP!!!

Army of the Frenetic said...

Just wait.

Give it another month and you'll have to fend off "Starship Troopers"-sized bugs with a newspaper and a half-empty can of raid.

Victoria said...

Uh oh! I don't get the paper delivered!

Army of the Frenetic said...

Oh, dear. Only raid then...

Just keep in mind that this isn't 1605. Doctors can almost reattach any limbs you may lose in the escape!

*All kidding aside, I hope those bites get better*

Victoria said...

They are getting better :)