Friday, 9 January 2015

An Outside Shower Thought

I often have weird and wonderful rambling thoughts in the shower.

I think it's something about having very little to focus on (wash hair, soap, water, rinse) or my body relaxing that allows my mind to wander, and sometimes come up with some very cool ideas.

I was out for a walk the other evening during my relaxing time off and my brain went into a sort of similar thought wander. 

It was dark, I had some music in my ears, I didn't have my camera with me but I was paying attention to people's faces in the streetlamp light and I found myself realizing that people were also looking at me.

I generally don't notice this as without my glasses, I can't see you clearly until you're fairly close to me and it's considered odd to look that seriously at someone, but this night I had my glasses on due to it being dark so I could glance up or over at them much more easily.  Plus, I was looking at the light on faces, and, well, I guess I was in my own little world and not minding "social norms" so much.

But then I started to wonder WHY people were looking at me.

I was looking at them to see what they looked like and if I would want to try to take their photo, but why were they looking at me?

Were they looking at me because I was looking at them?  Were they looking at me because I looked funny? (It was cold, I had on a toque and a giant scarf and a big jacket.)  Were they looking at me in a positive way?  Negative way?  Neutral way?  Was everyone looking at me for a different reason?

Did that person just look to see who I was... and that one to see what I looked like... and that one because I was hogging the sidewalk... and that one because they're grumpy and wondering why I was staring at them?

It's a weird thing when you start to (over) think about it.

Why do we look at certain people and what are are thoughts?

Or are there even thoughts?

I don't know...

(I wonder if being able to read minds would be awesome or horrible anyway...) (See?  Shower thought!)


Army of the Frenetic said...

Same here!

I can never tell who makes eye contact first. Especially if it's a pretty girl. I end up staring at them for a moment, then turning away because I don't want them to think I'm a creep for staring at them. But I also don't want to seem as though I'm avoiding her gaze so I glance back at her. But of course her gaze has already turned and I end up looking like a creep AND a spaz because I keep glancing at them.

Victoria said...


Awww, just smile and maybe you'll make her day :)

Elliott said...

All those people were totally checking you a good way. Be flattered.

It is weird when you stop to think about all the widely varied things that are going in people's lives when you see them out and about. And how some people keep smiling and some people look sad.

It's fun sometimes to sit and people watch.

Victoria said...

So weird, eh? And yeah, I love people watching for sure!

JustAGirl said...

Here's something that I could really use your advice on: how do you deal with jealousy in a relationship? :(
I've never been such a jealous person, but I can't even stand it if a girl so much as checks out my boyfriend.
I know it's stupid but I also feel enslaved by the green-eyed monster :(

Victoria said...

Awww, first of all hugs, never a nice feeling.

Generally, from what I've been told/learned, if you're feeling jealous it's sometimes that you're feeling insecure and some part of you thinks, gee, she's looking at him and he will notice and leave me for her... I don't know, I'm not perfect with it. Sometimes I get mad if someone flirts with my guy because I'm like..dude... HE'S MINE BACK OFF as if it's rude of her (which maybe it is) and then sometimes I just want to laugh... like, go ahead, try to flirt with him, he's coming home with me tonight. I guess I'd ask myself (yourself) what it is that's upsetting you about someone checking out your boyfriend... why is it bothering you? Might not actually be jealousy?

But yeah... hug.