Thursday, 8 January 2015

Ok, Seriously?

Do people on tv never watch tv?

I ask this because the shows that I binge watched over the holiday (when all the rest of tv land abandons us come on!!!) all included someone somewhere having an affair.

And all of these affairs were discovered when these people decided to smooch at the door of their hotel room.  Or on the way to the elevator.  Generally, they all smooched in the hotel hallway.

Which... if they'd watched ANY of the other tv shows, they'd have learned that this is (apparently) how (tv) affairs get discovered, and they'd have kept their smooching to the inside of the hotel room.

Or they would have stopped hugging by their cars, where apparently the private investigator guy with the camera gets you with his telephoto lens.

I'm just saying.  People on tv should clearly watch more tv.

Or, you know, stop having affairs.



Jason Langlois said...

Do you know about I'm pretty sure this is a trope they cover.

Anne Roy said...

No style ... back in the day Hepburn used to stay at Claridge's and Tracy at the Dorchester.

Cdn Anne in England

Victoria said...

I don't know that Jason, but I'll look :)

Back in the day... we should go back then Anne ;)