Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Little, Yellow, Different, Better*

So, baths.

People seem to love them their baths.  I have friends who'll take a bath for hours.  Literally hours... refilling the water and just zen-ning out.

I talked to a friend last week who admitted he doesn't really know how but he sometimes falls asleep in the bath.  ASLEEP!!!

Apparently, I don't take baths "properly."

See, I don't linger in the bath.  Ten, fifteen minutes and I'm good.  I'm happy.  I've soaked, I'm warm, relaxed, whatever... I don't stay in them all that long.

I'll have a bath that's five minutes long sometimes.  I mean, really, it's just not something I want to to for a super long period of time.

I'll shower (because I do not want to sit in a tub of my own dirt water!) and then once I'm clean, I'll start filling the tub.  Sometimes I'll add epsom salts if I'm sore, or bath gel stuff if I want to smell nice and then I'll sit.  I'll sit and I'll let it fill and I'll lie back and soak and then... well, I'm done.  Maybe it's partly the wrinkle factor on toes and fingers, or maybe it's that my body takes to the heat really well and I get to a point of, ok, I don't want to be any warmer... or maybe it's that my mind doesn't settle too much in there because I'm trying not to get my hair wet or drown or it's time to think about dinner or... I don't know, I'm not saying I don't like baths... I do... I just don't ever particularly seem to have very long ones.

And people seem to think I'm kind of weird for that.

No idea, it just got into my head.  Remember the old ad?


Elliott said...

Bath? What sorcery is this that you speak of???

No such thing as a bath when you live in the sticks and have a well as a water source. Just sayin'...

Victoria said...

Oh dear, sorry!

Anonymous said...

*I immediately thought of the movie Wayne's World. :)

30 Something Blonde said...

Eek! I've totally fallen asleep in the bath too... I guess I'm an expert at relaxation!

Victoria said...

I often think of Wayne's World ;)

HOW 30 Something Blonde ????? Like, how do you not drown? :)