Saturday, 31 January 2015


It's always odd to me when a photo I really really liked is virtually ignored when I put it online or whatever.

Now, I'm sure a lot of that is that I'm competing with some very skilled photographers and have about three friends on (the evil that is) Facebook because I always get views on Flickr so it's not as if I don't exist at all, it's just strange sometimes.

I'll be really excited about something and put it out there and... crickets.

I asked Jason why on earth he'd suggested I needed to be on Facebook in the first place if no one is actually seeing my work... which is what I thought he said the reason for it is.  He said it's important to be putting myself out there no matter what, but it does remind me of the early days here as well. 

I remember when I decided to start my own blog and the stories I had in my head made me chuckle and I put them out there and?  Nothing.

I was SO excited when I got my first comment.  And then the day I got more than ten views.  It was all very exciting.

And maybe that will happen with my photography and maybe it won't, but it's still an odd feeling...

Social media and the internet is teh weird.

You know?


Elliott said... take some pretty awesome pics. I just flipped through a couple of your albums on Flickr...lots of great shots.

Keep up the great work.

Victoria said...

Thanks Elliott ;)