Thursday, 29 January 2015

"Those Aren't Pillows!"

Last time I got my hair cut I bought some extra awesome shampoo from my hairstylist's shop place thing.

I really like the stuff and my hair does too, but it's not the cheapest in the world so I try to be good with it.

I used a different shampoo the other night, ok, technically I used my Dr. Bronner's on my hair (you can!) but I wanted to save just a little of that shampoo by not using it.

So I'd soaped up and rinsed my hair and I grabbed the conditioner (my hair also really does better with conditioner) and started trying to comb it through.

Except it wasn't combing through the way conditioner usually does.  Which was weird. 

So I sniffed.

And in sniffing, I discovered that the bottle I'd grabbed had not actually been one of my two conditioners, but had, in fact, been the shampoo I had been trying to save.

Le sigh.

My hair got a double wash that night.  And then I used actual conditioner.

Oh brain..... why do you go on holiday sometimes?


Elliott said...

Glasses in the shower...or bigger print on the bottles. Just sayin' would be nice if the industry would throw the vision-challenged a bone and help out a bit...

Victoria said...

Yeah, except these two are entirely different colours/shapes! D'oh