Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Even If It Mispronounces Things

My home phone has been limping along for the last little while... key buttons becoming harder and harder to make work.

It's not an expense I felt like I needed, so I put it off for a while and then finally gave in and went and bought a cheap new one.

Which was so cheap everything sounded terrible including the ring and the people on the other end of the line.

So back it went, and I bought the more expensive brand that I was used to.

But the cheapest one of those.

Which, as it turned out, did not have a feature that I didn't realize I'd grown to love.  "Spoken caller ID"

So, for example, when I'm in the bath it says "Call from Sarah" and I can, because I usually have my cell phone near my bath, text Sarah and say "hey, just in the bath, what's up?"

Or, I can ignore a call from "Unknown number" when I'm cozy on my couch.  I don't know, I just didn't know it was something I liked until this new phone didn't have it.

The new phone lasted a couple of days before I really missed the talking phone and went and exchanged it.

So now I know, from my phone's "voice" who's calling when the phone's not right there next to me.

I know, C-Dawg thinks I'm crazy to care and you probably do too but sometimes it's the little things.


Elliott said...

Ours has that feature too. I think it's very handy and use it to screen marketers.

I laugh at some of the attempts at names...non-Canadian names have some interesting pronunciations.

Jason Langlois said...

It's the little things that make all the difference.

Chris said...

I hope you don't start screening my super agent calls.

Victoria said...

Not many it does well, E ;)

Sometimes it is Jason!

Chris, I thought we said we weren't discussing that!!!