Thursday, 5 February 2015

Things I Learned

So there's at least one or three cats that are outdoor cats in my neighbourhood.  I mean, I'm sure there are more than that, but who's counting?

This last week leading up to the weekend one of those cats has been... dying, I thought.  But when I mentioned it to Jason he was all "hideously loud noise that sounds like it's dying?  Yeah, that's a cat in heat."

Which, led me to a google search and some very awkward youtube videos, but yeah, this cat... wanted some loving real bad.


I think it was Friday night when it was out there for the third or fourth night yowling away and my upstairs neighbour opened his window and started meowing back at the cat.

Which made me laugh.

And because I almost always have my windows open and sit by one of my windows, I'm pretty sure my laugh would have echoed back up to him and his meowing.

Because he stopped meowing and closed the window.

But I thought it was awesome.

And, why do cats never sound like they're having fun when they're making babies and stuff? And do large cats make even more noise?  Like... lady lions?  GIANT SCREAMING DEATH MRWARW???


Jason Langlois said...

Pretty sure this is why it's not much fun...

Chris said...

I bet your glad penile spines are not in humans! kinda made me laugh....

Victoria said...

I don't even think I want to know ;)