Thursday, 12 February 2015

Not The Movie

I had another dream of taking my parents to Burning Man.  (Assuming I told you about the other one.....which is why I say "another"... because this isn't the first!  Ahem.)

Seeing as these are apparently stress dreams, it was yet again another non-restful situation.  Nightmare-esque in its stress level.  And weirdness.

So there we were, at Burning Man.  Except whenever I dream go with my parents it's very different.  Like very actual city like... (which it's not) but, yeah, so we're there and out for a walk but my Dad's still wearing his long pants and shirt and so I'm worried about him because of the heat (he won't change into shorts because this is a dream and I'm worrying... apparently.)  So this is upsetting, but not much I can do about it as he's an adult making his own decisions. 

Then the three of us are walking back through what's basically like how I remember Bellis Fair mall and I turn around in the massive crowd of people and can't see my Mom.  So I stop to try to look for her but Dad's not worried about her so we just keep walking.  But I keep saying that I don't think she can find her way back to our camp and so I'm worried about that too.

Then my Dad and I went and explored the caverns underneath the Man (not a thing either)

So basically it's horribly stressful to take my parents to the dream Burning Man because it's never as awesome and I told them it is and then I worry about them.

Dreams... why you stress me out???


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