Thursday, 19 March 2015

I Know...

I know, I know, I know, I shouldn't worry.... It has always worked out in the past and there's no reason to think it won't do the same this time.  I know this.  But it doesn't mean my brain/mind isn't worrying about Burning Man.

Generally, honestly, my worries are around the getting there and back.  Because it's different this year.

I'm travelling with someone who hasn't been before and I know that's not a huge deal in this day of GPS and the additional fact that we're travelling with, if not in the same vehicle as Connor, and I shouldn't worry, but I do... about the small details.

What happens if one of us gets asked to go in to the border control?  Do both vehicles go?  What if one of us breaks down?  What if one car has to stop to pee and the other doesn't?  What happens when we get there if we lose each other you guys it's all such a lot when my brain does this.

Because they're not things I can control.  And I'll probably just end up emailing/texting Connor to ask him and he'll reassure me that it'll be fine and I'll have a US texting plan and so will Natalie so it'll be fine.  I... kind of know this "fine"-ness but still my mind worries, picks and stresses.

It calms me to cover these bases.  I prefer to go into the travelling knowing I have a plan in case things go a bit sideways...BCAA for the vehicle, medical coverage for me, enough space on my VISA to cover a flight back if there's an emergency...the big things.  But my mind seems to focus on the small things and want to cover them too.  And that's not always a terrible idea.

But man if it isn't stressful and not much fun six months in advance.


What if we don't have room in Sarah's car and Connor's truck is already full of their stuff and we don't find this out until it's too late.  (Sigh... it won't be too late... we'll pack the evening before we leave and Canadian Tire or something will be open and we'll buy a ... trailer or a roof rack or something... breathe.)  Ok, but, what if (it'll be fine.... you're four intelligent, kind, good adults, you'll figure it out.)

But, yeah.  I'm doing what I can to breathe through the worry moments, but it wouldn't be honest for me to pretend they're not there.  Because they are.

Silly worries.  Sigh.


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