Monday, 4 May 2015

Aaaaaaaaand Then

I think we should rename this the "Burning Man Dreams" blog because, more!

I had a two for one on Saturday morning.  In the first, my family and I were all meeting there (which is an improvement on the last time, clearly!) at a designated spot and time.

Burning Man dreams with my family always seem to include these wooden hut type buildings that don't really seem to exist in the real place, and often will be in a place that's not at all the desert.  My last two odd Burning Man dreams were in places with trees.  So, more of a country fair sort of look or something?  I don't know. 

Anyhow... we were all meeting, and my brother, instead of bringing his wife, was SO happy for us to meet the love of his life (I forget the name) a man that he very happily embraced.  They were both wearing those white sailor uniforms.  Go figure.  And I was like... uh, but you're not gay?  And my parents were just so annoyed and my brother was suddenly very happily gay.  Thanks brain.

And then, once I'd shaken myself out of that one, Sarah and I were at our spot trying to set up her tent (which was super tall and square and kind of odd) and I kept just wanting to run to the intersection of the two streets we were camping near and dancing to the music and just people watching and she kept getting grumpy and I felt bad but there was fun to be watched!  Plus, her tent was not going to make it in the wind, so... dancing and fun!

Ok brain... you know we've got four months to go, right?  And it's ok to have stress dreams about somewhere else?

(Or not, whatever works, I guess.)


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