Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Last week was another exhausting one. 

I feel like I coped better, emotionally, but man was I tired.

I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning though (after my double whammy Burning Man dreams!) and was up at my regular time, not sleeping in in the slightest, a rarity for me on a weekend.  (I usually sleep an hour later at least.)

So I got up, checked some emails, and watched the sun shining and listened to the robins. 

And then, as I was contemplating breakfast, I got very sleepy.

So, sleepy in fact, that I decided I would take a nap.

Which I did.

My naps have been a bit more frequent the last while and my brain does an awful lot of sorting through things while I have them, so I think they're not so much naps as they are "recharges."

And so I woke up a couple of hours later ready to start the day. 

After I woke up.

I had two sleeps, and was still ready for bed early Saturday night.

Sleep that is restful and restorative is the biggest blessing.  And I apparently need it right now.


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