Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Owning It

So I just heard from Jason's friend, he of the radio silence.

He apologized for ignoring and explained that he hadn't meant to be rude but that it had been rude and he was sorry, and that he'd hit a rough patch.

I appreciate him sending the message, and wish more of us were mature enough to say so when we do something that's not in alignment with what we feel is kind or good or polite or nice or whatever.

Sure, I could still say it would have been better if he hadn't ignored me at all in the first place or if he had let me know at the time he was going to pull into himself for a while, but apologizing is better than nothing.

Which is also when I re-remind myself that whatever's going on with him has nothing to do with me.  And isn't a reflection on me. 

I'm glad he let me know, I know that couldn't have been easy and shows a maturity I'm happy to see is there.

That's all for now.  No change of heart here, (other than feeling slightly more respected I suppose).
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