Wednesday, 5 August 2015


I haven't had the best sleep that last few days.  Or maybe just not the longest.  Unsettled mind not letting me fall asleep.  Unsettling my mind before bed.

Sleeping fine but waking up and not as full of energy as I might be, that restless feeling, trying to keep the nerves at bay.

But they want to be active.... the nerves want out.

But I'm too tired for that just now too.

Can't quite wrap my brain around typing out words for here, but trying to get there. 

I'm fine.  I'm fine, don't get me wrong, just unsettled I suppose.  Shift after shift and aftershocks must be terrifying.

A wasp got into my living room yesterday.  But I watched it find its way out.  That it was smart enough to do that was both reassuring and a little frightening.

I think I'll try for an earlier bedtime tonight.


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