Thursday, 20 August 2015

Snuggle Bunny

I don't think I told you, but Jason got a cat. 

Except he didn't actually GET a cat, a cat has decided Jason is his and vice versa.

No, this photo isn't the cat in question, this, I believe is B and S's cat, or one of the two I met, little fluffy cuties.

When I first met Jason, we'd walk around his neighborhood and he'd tell me "that cat, watch out for him, he's the meanest one and he'll scratch you" so I've know about this cat for a while.  Later, it became "well, he's still mean but he'll come and say hi to me sometimes" and sure enough the cat would meander over to us when we'd go for a walk, but only to rub against our legs, not to, you know, actually interact or get a scratch or anything.

At some point, Jason found this cat getting a little more friendly, but all I mean by this is the cat would wander through their yard and not run away or not hiss.  He'd hiss at any other cats in the yard, mind you, but he seemed reasonably ok in their yard space. 

Around Spring, Jason noticed the cat coming by a lot more and also noticed he wasn't looking so good.  His fur wasn't doing well and he seemed to be losing weight.  Jason noticed he no longer had a collar and started to wonder if the cat's owners hadn't moved away and left him behind.

He talked for a bit about wanting to buy a collar and put a note on saying "is this your cat" because he didn't like the idea of the cat being homeless or ownerless.

And then the cat started hanging around Jason as the weather got nicer and Jason spend more time outside.

And then the cat started not minding if I was also hanging out and not too long after that there were pets and scratches involved.

But only a few... and for a limited time... because, you know, the cat really had other places to be.  Like... right here.  Near us, but... not too near us.  And things just kept on going this way and next thing you knew, this cat was sleeping in their back yard. 

Like, you can see his path where he wanders and where he crashes at night.  And Jason started to hear him meowing in the mornings when he was making his coffee and they started to hang out together and the cat started to accept more and more pets and scratches and closer company.

And Jason talked about wanting to give him some food.  So some food was purchased and when the cat would come by, he'd put some of it out and the cat would eat it.  And he started to look healthier.  And happier.  And his fur came back beautifully.

And I started to play with him with long pieces of grass, and I started to get to pet and scratch and talk to him too.

I'm not even a cat person, I'm not but this guy, he just steals your heart.

I got some cat treats and having him gently nibble them out of my hand was one of the sweetest things...

That and the moment I saw him looking up at my lap.

Because he jumped in.  This cat who was so mean and nasty a year or so ago and who didn't want human contact, jumped into my lap.

He only lasted a minute, if that, but I was really touched that he felt comfortable enough to even attempt a snuggle.  I pretty much want to pick him up and hug the crap out of him.

So, yeah.  Jason has a cat now.  We're still not actually sure if he has a home or if he's been left.  He's a seemingly outdoor cat, but we're not sure what's going to happen come Fall and Winter, and not being a cat owner myself I don't really know if they can cope outdoors or if they need in for wet and cold.

But really, it's been a lovely thing to see.  This cat totally trusts and likes Jason and it's been a really positive thing this summer.

We shall see what the coming seasons bring and how they both handle it, but man if that fluffy little guy isn't just the best thing since sliced bread.

I'm pretty sure he understands human too.  So I tell him things like "I'm sorry sweet boy, but I have to go away for a few weeks, I don't know when I'll see you again so I'm going to give you lots of kisses ok?" and then he lets me smooch him without running away.

He's my little snuggle bunny even though I can really only pet him not snuggle him the way I'd like to.
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